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L.J. and Iv2t5181.pngda Ehrlich

Above picture taken 2-2004

L.J. Ehrlich, Publisher of  DiscoverEhrlich.com


About www.discoverehrlich.com

This project was started about 7 years ago with a few simple entries into a family genealogy.

Today there are over 2,500 entries dating back to the middle 1700's. 

This project was published several years ago in a book form but did not have pictures.  In 2004 we purchased the domain name "discoverehrlich.com" and rent a server in Scottsdale, Arizona to keep our web site published on.

With this new web site, you will have the opportunity to copy your own pages, submit additional information and pictures for future publishing without cost to you. 

Please help us bring this web site up to date.   Browse your family information, make note of wrong dates, or misspelled  names, or any typo errors and submit them to us.  We will make corrections from time to time and you will help preserve our Ehrlich-Laubhan heritage.

If you are a cousin or relative and can link to our family, we would love to hear from you and include your information on this web site. 

This web is financed by the Ehrlich fund and donations are appreciated.   The cost for monthly website rental  and other minor costs is less than $180. a year.

About L.J. and the children

My name is L.J. Ehrlich.  My wife and I live in Sapulpa, OK.  I am a retired minister of the gospel.

My wife Ida is a retired school teacher and a wonderful wife, she is a God send in my life. 

We both have computers and are learning by trial and error, (mostly error) how to operate them.

I minister to four local rest homes each week playing my accordion, sharing some scriptures, joking around some and encouraging the patrons.  There are usually about 100-120 total attendance each week. They seem to enjoy the old time songs and are grateful for anyone who will visit them.

My wife leads a choir at our local church in Sapulpa.

We have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Our oldest grandson Jonathan attends Colorado Christian University in Lakewood Colorado and is working on his masters degree.  Jonathan plays basketball on a scholarship.  He has a ministry called www.crossoverministries.org.  You can click on this link to view his web site and learn about his ministry. 

Emily our next to the oldest and she attends Southwest Bible College in Lakeland Florida.  Emily is a freshman and is active in youth ministry.

Andrew is the next in line and he works as a tile layer in Saint Louis and is moving to California to go to college.

Tassidy is one year older than Andrew in age and attends Mid America Nazarene University in Olathe Kansas.  She is a Senior (2004) also plays volleyball on a scholarship.

Courtney is the youngest and is a Senior (2004) attending Victory Bible School in Tulsa, OK.  She is a talented artist and cute as can be

We look forward to hearing from you and inserting your photos and articles into our web site. 

God Bless each of you.

L.J. Ehrlich

14335 South 65th West Ave.

Sapulpa, OK.


You can call me at (918) 321-3895 today if you need any information.


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