Eva Lee's Memories
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Memories of (Me Mes)


Eva Lee Laubhan (Voth)



            My grandchildren have been my inspiration and they wont let me forget the stories of days gone by.  My daughter Brenda, urged me to write a book  which I am now doing.  So to my friends and relatives who keep encouraging me Im about 1/2 there!  So Im going to share some of the things from my writing that I  hope you all will enjoy.

            My earliest recollections are when I was 5 years old.  I had my first birthday party and all of my cousins came, there were at least 12 about my age.  I dont remember the gifts or the treats but I remember playing outside games and it was Oct. 12.  The first Christmas I remember was also when I was five and I got my first doll.  She had a cloth body with rubber arms, legs and head.  I was so excited that I jumped and jumped and  ran around the dining room table singing Ill call her Ida Mae.  So she and the neat name Ida Mae.  She is the only doll I ever remember having.  Im sure I must have gotten at least one more but my memories fail.

            One of our favorite play times when my cousins came to see me was making mud pie.  We had all kids of improvised cookware.  Mason jar lids, little jars, and broken cups and dishes.  Usually we slipped some of mothers silverware out of the house as we needed spoons to stir with.  We always used eggs in our mud pies and that was no problem with several thousand chickens laying them for us.  The pies seemed to set up better, and the hot sun baked them.

            Cousin Marvin and I were together most of the time as Aunt Louisa and Uncle Alex lived the closest to us, about a mile across the pasture.  When I was at Marvins house, we played till we got hungry.  Marvin would send me in to Aunt Louisa for a bread and butter and jelly sandwich.  So when he was at my house playing, I would send him in to my mom.  Some times we even got a cookie.

            One of our favorite play times was playing Dr. and nurse.  Guess I played nurse most of my life!  And Marvin surely showed great potential in becoming a surgeon!  Anyway, one day we decided to operate on a mouse.  We had plenty of mice in the chicken houses, all we needed was a broom and wed knock them coo coo.  This way he was already under anesthetic.  We stretched him out on a board and tied him down with a string in case he woke up.  I sneaked into our house and go one of moms paring knives and the operation began.  The mouse did wake up but not for long.  I do remember rinsing off the knife and taking it back into moms kitchen.  I never in all my days told my mother about this as I was afraid for my life in my younger years, and later on I was afraid for hers.  She hated mice with a passion and would have climbed the highest windmill just o get away from one.  Now I know how she felt as Ive been known to climb on tables and cabinets to get away from one too.

            Many of our games like Drop The Handkerchief, Red Rover Red Rover and Hide and Seek were played when all of us cousins got together.  Our families did get together a lot.  We had a lot of home made ice cream parties.  I can remember most of them were at our house because mother and daddy had only one child and a lot more time and room than all the rest.  And my parents loved doing it too.

            One of my chores in the summer was picking up prairie chips or cow chips, they were used to heat with in the winter.  Mostly we used them to start our fires as daddy usually bought coal.  There was no tree wood in our area of Texas.  Trees were very scarce and when you got one to grow, you kept it.

            One of my other jobs with pay was picking potato bugs off of potato plants.  Id have a little can or jar with kerosene in it and when I had 100 bugs, I got a penny.  Sometimes when the bugs were plentiful Id make several cents.  One day in summer, mother rewarded me with a nickel.  I walked to town at least 1/2 miles to get a 5 cent ice cream cone a the drug store.  At that time it was a double dip!

            One of the high times of the week was church and Sat night.  At this point Ill tell about  Saturday night.  I will tell about church later in my book.  It seemed that every one younger came to to town on Saturday p.m.  I can remember several times going into Uncle Herman's and Aunt Marys restaurant and my parents getting me a .10 cent hamburger.  That was the ultimate treat for me and I  can still remember how big and good they were.  Also the restaurant had stools at the counter and to this day I still love sitting on stools.

            Follett at that time was two blocks long and with all the people I was always afraid of getting lost so I always hung onto mothers hand.  Of course my parents and my one cousin (Marvin) had told some scary stories about people disappearing and it took me many years to get over this fear.

            It was on Saturday p.m. that my parents did their weekly grocery shopping at my Uncle Asaphs and Aunt Tillie's store.  It was in their store that I saw a man smoking and I thought he was burning to death.  I created quite a scene screaming and crying.  My parents took me outside and I was told about smoking.

            I need to stop with these fun stories of yesteryear.  Perhaps some day Ill finish my book and at least those what want will get the privilege to read it. !


Eva Lee Voth,

December 2, 1996






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